Pain Management

Opiate dependency is often the result of a real need to relieve pain. People from all backgrounds suffer from opiate dependency. As the body becomes used to the dosage of the pills, it develops a tolerance, and you begin to need more of the opiate to cope with the pain. As with other drugs, you slowly develop a dependence, and eventually, the need for the opiate controls your life. This gradually occurring dependency can destroy your life, as you will truly feel constant pain without the opiates. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to recognize an opiate dependency, because the pills are legal and may even be prescribed by your doctor. Do not wait to deal with the dependency. If you believe you have a problem, call the Palm Beach, Florida treatment center at (561) 247-4137.

It is very hard to stop taking opiates once you have become physically dependent on them to relieve pain. You will need a medical staff in a qualified detox program to handle the symptoms of physical withdrawal. The pain from the initial injury may return, and therapists may be necessary to work through the emotional parts of an opiate dependency.

You may still feel the pain that led you to take the opiates, once you detox. After treating the dependency, holistic therapies are useful in handling the original pain source. But in many cases, the original pain has faded, and the patient has simply become physically dependent on opiates. Nevertheless, it is necessary for patients to learn how to control pain without narcotics usage.

We specialize in pain management systems that do not require the use of narcotics. These non-narcotic methods are taught after the detox process has been completed. Our treatments for pain in the Palm Beach, FL area include the following:

We offer instruction in pain management techniques that do not use narcotics. We teach these after the detox step. The pain treatments in the Palm Beach, Florida area include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Psychotherapy for pain
  • EMDR therapy
  • Exercise and nutrition

Anyone may develop an dependency to pain killers, initially created by a real pain. Thus, patients may suffer from fear that the pain will come back after quitting opiate usage. We work diligently with patients to develop individual pain relief solutions that do not involve narcotics. If you can control the pain, you can keep the dependency at bay.

Get started today! Call the treatment center from the Palm Beach, Florida area at (561) 247-4137 for immediate help.

Throughout the program, you will learn many techniques to help you keep an opiate dependency under control. Learning about self-esteem, responsibility, and respect will allow you to take control of your dependency.


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