Dual Diagnosis

Many times, addictions go hand in hand with psychiatric illness. Some of the most common concurring psychiatric illnesses are bipolar disorder and depression. While treating alcohol and/or drug addiction, it is essential to treat the underlying psychiatric disorder as well. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 37% of alcoholics and 53% of addicts suffer from at least one concurring illness. In addition, 29% of all people with mental illnesses are drug or alcohol addicts.

It is impossible to ignore this link. Drug and alcohol abuse often hide symptoms of psychiatric illnesses. Treating one but not the other does not fully addresses your problems, and is not effective. We therefore work with you to help both the addiction and the psychiatric illness.

Without treating underlying causal conditions, you are much more likely to fall back into addiction to drugs and alcohol. Because we want you to succeed, we provide a plan for treating psychiatric disorders. By clearing your system of more than alcohol and drugs, and by giving you coping skills for the future, we help you remain healthy and happy beyond the rehabilitation process.

Our dual diagnosis professionals are experienced and well-versed in treating addiction and psychiatric illness. Please call us immediately if you believe that you have problems beyond the addiction, which may perpetuate your addiction in the future.

Contact us at our Palm Beach, Florida office immediately at (561) 247-4137 for treatment of your addiction and psychiatric illness.

In our Treatment Center, we offer an integrated treatment program that helps you deal with your addiction, as well as discover the right treatment for separate disorders.

For people with concurring illnesses, the detoxification step is especially essential. We can give you a safe detox process, supervised by medical professional who are trained to eliminate trauma.

We offer treatment for addiction and psychiatric disorders with one team, so that you can begin treating both. Faster relief from both will greatly speed the recovery process.


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