Alcohol/Drug Detox

When you start using alcohol and drugs, they can overtake your life. What used to be a social activity with friends can turn into a life-consuming habit that drains your finances, and alienates you from friends and family. Luckily, there is help. Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center and Alcohol Treatment Program can set you on the road to recovery, and help you recover your life. We can give your family the hope that you may return to your former, healthy self they once knew. Before treatment, alcohol and drugs control your life. After treatment, you will control your life.

It is easy to become addicted to drugs and alcohol, especially in a place such as Palm Beach, Florida, where these substances are easily accessible. First, you must understand that you need help before beginning a detox program. Still, even if you want to change, quitting drugs and alcohol is a great challenge.

Therefore, we offer full-time, comprehensive service drug and alcohol detox programs for the Palm Beach, Florida area. You can reach us at (561) 247-4137. We are here at all hours, every day of the year. That includes holidays - addiction does not take vacations. In fact, holidays may be some of the most stressful times of the year, which can aggravate your dependency. Whenever you decide you want help, we will be here.

We offer a total package of services to help you break your addictions. We offer them conveniently in the same location, in our treatment center. These services include:

  • Dual diagnosis
  • Completely medical detox program
  • Rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol for inpatients
  • Group support and educational groups
  • Program for transitional living in treatment

In particular, detox is important for breaking an alcohol addiction. The process is different from a drug detox, because the brain does not absorb alcohol in the same way that it absorbs drugs. Total detoxification will involve many withdrawal symptoms, and having qualified nurses and staff around will help you cope with these symptoms. In addition to the physical effects, we can help with the emotional effects associated with detox.


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